Alchemy Networks CEO Peter Griffith says that YouTube’s paid subscription model is not reaping the benefits he originally hoped for with Rap Battle Network, a paid subscription channel that focuses on Battle Rap.

“Most of us are not happy with the numbers we’ve seen,” Griffith said in an interview with

One of the issues Griffith spoke about focuses on mobile phone use. 

“70 percent of our audience is very active using YouTube on mobile phones,” Griffith said. 

However, YouTube only allows users to subscribe from a computer. 

“It’s a frustrating experience for the user,” Griffith said.

YouTube representatives responded to regarding this matter. 

“We’re always looking for ways to meet our creators and viewers needs better, and we’re still in early days with paid channels,” the spokesperson said. “Just as the Partner Program empowered creators to build great channels over the last six years, we look forward to seeing how they use this additional way to build an audience on YouTube.”

Griffith reportedly remains “grateful” to YouTube, according to and has also focused on creating a television program while Alchemy continues producing web-based content. 

Still, according to Griffith, YouTube’s paid subscription model is “still a long way off from being a viable business model.”

In May, Griffith explained RBN’s plans in a press release.

“Rap Battle Network will serve as a launch pad for the Rap battle community and the emerging rapper on a global scale,” Griffith said. “The Rap battle fans have been paying in the range of $10.00 to $30.00 for one pay-per-view event, investing more than $150 to $200 per year in watching infrequent pay-per-view battles. We offer monthly battles, 4 major pay-per-view events, exclusive interviews, the Rap Ring Girls and more for $2.99 per month or $24.99 for the entire year.” 

Rap Battle Network hosted “Bar Fest,” a Battle Rap event in Playa Del Rey, California in June. The event ended with a confrontation between Daylyt and Math Hoffa. That battle can be viewed on the RBN YouTube channel, but users must pay to access the face-off. 

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