B-Real recently sat down with Soul Assassins radio to discuss the state of Cypress Hill’s reunion album.

“Muggs is at the helm of production so we’re off to a start with that,” B-Real said on the Shade 45-hosted show. “It’s going to be ill, man. He’s got fire and a lot of people have been waiting for us to reunite like that, so we’re all looking forward to it.”

The Cypress Hill co-founder said he did not know an exact release date for the upcoming reunion project because the group wants to do “as many songs as possible.”  

“I think everyone has a different process now that we used to 20 years ago,” the California rapper says. “[We’re] a little bit more experienced and we know how to just make it happen. It’s about making the songs right, obviously.”

When Rise Up, Cypress Hill’s eighth studio album, was released in 2010, it had been six-years since the group’s previous album, Till Death Do Us Part

“In our six-year hiatus, we weren’t making records and shit like that, but we were still doing shows,” B-Real says in the clip. “Keeping active that way. I think that’s what kept us alive out there. You know, you’re out of sight, you’re out of mind especially nowadays because before, when we started, there were a few hundred artists and now there’s thousands to fucking deal with every day.

“I kept active in my way, which was mixtapes and my solo record and eventually Breal.TV, interacting with the fans and stuff like that,” B-Real continued. “Now we’re coming back full circle to lay down another Cypress Hill album for those fans who still appreciate that raw hip hop shit.”

B-Real Discusses His Serial Killers Group With Xzibit & Demrick

B-Real is also working with another group, Serial Killers, a trio rounded out by Xzibit and Demrick

“I’ve always admired the way Xzibit spits and we’ve been homies a long time, so we just started experimenting on tracks and him and Young De spearheaded the tracks on that,” B-Real says. “I said, you know what, I want to see what y’all pick and I’m a just go with it. You know, kinda let them set the pace as far as what we were gonna do that way. They ended up picking great tracks and we were able to spit some heat on that, man. I think it’s going to surprise people.”

Xzibit his Napalm album in 2012, six years after his previous studio album, Full Circle. Over the years, the Los Angeles-based emcee has acted in various film and television roles, most notably as the host of the MTV show Pimp My Ride.

Demrick, formerly known as Young De, first worked with B-Real in 2005 on Demrick’s DJ Skee-hosted mixtape, Audio Hustlaz, Vol. 1, where B-Real served as a producer and appeared on several tracks. The Los Angeles native has since considered Xzibit and B-Real as mentors.

As far as the rap trio’s name goes, B-Real says, “some people might look at the title and say, ‘Oh you ain’t living the lifestyle. You ain’t a serial killer. Blah, blah, blah.’ I fucking know that, but I’ll kill these fucking rhymes like nothing.”

The group is set to release its first mixtape, Serial Killers Vol. 1, October 31.

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