Hit-Boy recently spoke about his aspirations to become as successful as Jay Z.

“I’m very aware of the things I’ve accomplished, and I’m very appreciative, but I’m so far away from where I want to be,” Hit-Boy said in a recent interview with Life+Times. “I get to have dinners and kick it with people like Jay Z and stuff like that. I want to be on his level one day, and I feel like I for sure can. I’m very far away from that right now. I’ve just gotta keep working to get to that point. I see myself being at the caliber one day, so I’m not stopping until I get there.” 

Hit-Boy’s relationship with Jay Z has been good since they they met, according to Hit.

“Hov just always fucked with my energy and fucked with me since the minute we met, and it’s been good,” Hit-Boy said. 

Hit-Boy collaborated with Jay Z on several songs, including “Ni**as In Paris” and “Lift Off,” two selections from Jay’s collaborative Watch The Throne album with Kanye West. 

During the interview, Hit-Boy also spoke about what Drake is like in the studio.

“Drake is super chill,” Hit-Boy said. “He’s cool. He knows exactly what he wants. He’s 100 percent the pickiest artist, like as far as when it comes to beats [laughs]. I’ve never met an artist who is so in tune with what his voice is going to sound right over, so you play him the shit you think is the best beat of all time, and he’ll be like, ‘That’s not really it. That’s not what I’m looking for.’ Sometimes it’s frustrating, but hey man, his projects are awesome and I know the ideas we have in the pipeline – wherever they end up – they’re amazing. The world needs to hear them.” 

Recently, Drake previewed a Hit-Boy-produced cut, “Trophies,” which has yet to be released.

Beyond this, Hit-Boy also said that he is proud of having music that is well-rounded. 

“To me it’s all music,” Hit-Boy said. “I don’t really have a genre or think about genres. I just focus on what’s gonna make people feel good. What’s gonna challenge the ear to make people not hear the same shit that everybody else is doing? I’m trying to find sounds and little ways to put things in ways that people haven’t heard before every single time. It’s just about quality, bringing it back to when music was an experience. It’s gotten to the point where artists and producers make the same shit over and over and over and fucking over. It’s frustrating for me sometimes when from Day One I’ve been constantly trying to make every single beat sound different. That’s just something I’m trying to continuously push until people take notice.” 

Hit-Boy says he is working on a new album as an artist and that he is continuing to produce for others.

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