Pass is gearing up to participate in King of the Dot’s Battle of the Bay 6 (BOTB 6). The Oakland, California rapper is set to battle DNA at the event. Recently, Pass spoke with HipHopDX about the match-up.

“I think my battle with DNA has potential to be the most competitive battle of the night,” Pass said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Our styles are hella different, but we actually came up similarly even though we came up on different coasts. We both originally got our name out there from doing off-the-top freestyle battles on our local scenes and did some battles for Grind Time Now. With that said, our shit is completely different. The style clash will be crazy.”

Pass’ last battle was against Remy D as part of King of the Dot’s Alcatraz event. That battle can be viewed below.

Pass Previews Dizaster Vs. Aye Verb & John John Da Don Vs. The Saurus

Aside from Pass’ battle versus DNA, other notable match-ups are set to take place at BOTB 6. Pass spoke about two main battles scheduled to go down.

“Dizaster and Aye Verb is the battle I’m looking forward to the most,” Pass said. “Dizaster is killing everybody right now, and Aye Verb is obviously a beast, so I’m just excited to see that live. Definitely looking forward to my homie Illmaculate’s comeback. I know he’s been sittin’ on some shit.”

Ilmmaculate is set to face off against Bigg K at the event. 

During the interview, Pass was asked to predict the winner of two of the more anticipated match-ups of the evening: John John Da Don versus The Saurus, and Aye Verb versus Dizaster.

“I’m going with The Saurus over John John Da Don,” Pass said. “I like John John, but The Saurus is just too good at breaking somebody’s whole shit down. I don’t think I can call who wins between Aye Verb & Dizaster, honestly. Their styles are kind of similar, if you listen closely. They both use a lot of rhyme schemes, patterns, and they’re both really good at it. If Diz keeps up at the rate he is now, he’s pretty much untouchable, but I know Verb is capable of keeping up with Diz. It should be interesting.”

Pass Explains Battle Of The Bay Series’ Significance

Battle of the Bay has been an ongoing Battle Rap event series largely organized by Lush One, now affiliated with King of the Dot. The event had its start in 2008. According to Pass, this event has been a meaningful one for Battle Rap. 

“The Battle of the Bay events are a staple in Battle Rap history,” Pass said. “So many legendary battles have taken place at those functions: myself and Hollow, Arsonal and Conceited, Dumbfoundead and Tantrum, Okwerdz and Jaze Juice, Illmac and Dizaster, Illmac and Thesaurus. They’re all classics, honestly. All of them took place in Oakland, California, my hometown.  It’s great for it to come back with the best card of the year, how it should be. I’m definitely juiced to be a part of it once again.” 

Of all those battles, Pass said he might select one as the best.

“It’s hard for me to pinpoint one battle as my favorite, or the best, from the Battle of the Bay series,” Pass said. “So many different styles and battles that are classics in their own right. Illmac vs The Saurus might have been the best. Being there live was pretty epic.”

Battle of the Bay 6’s flyer can be viewed below. 

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