Fresh Coast artists have teamed up to release Non Perishables Vol. 3 today (October 10). 

The release features performances by Okwerdz, Pass, Aspect One, Dirtbag Dan, Lush One, Daylyt and Nocando, among others. 

Non Perishables Vol. 3 was executive produced by Lush One in association with King of the Dot Records. Lush One is a host for King of the Dot’s Fresh Coast division. 

The release is meant to coincide with King of the Dot’s next Fresh Coast Battle Rap event, Battle of the Bay 6 (BOTB 6), which is slated to take place Saturday and Sunday (October 12 and 13). The event is set to include several artists featured on Non Perishables Vol. 3. The battle event video flyer can be viewed below. 

Non Perishables Vol. 3 can be purchased for a price that a buyer determines via Bandcamp

The project’s cover art can be viewed below, followed by the stream and tracklisting.

1. “ANML PLNT” (Pass & Apes) f. Plex Rock & Roch ‘Back Against The Wall’

2. “GANGSTAS IN THE PLACE” (Daylyt and Hibernation)

3. “IN TRAFFIC” (mic phenom & 2nd family)

4. “PEAKING” (Lush One & Aaronperpetuum) The Ultimate High

5. “COMING DOWN” (pistol mcfly prod by j listed)


7. “LUCK & LANA Kill the Computer f. Scarub Eligh

8. “ACID TRAP MUSIC” (Anam0ly)

9. “Hate Me Cuz Im Great” (DirtBag Dan & Okwerdz)

10. “Cry For No One” (Chase Moore, Saht, & C Plus)

11. “Steady Clockin” (Topr)

12. “Biff Tannen” (Plex Rock, Fredo, & Pass prod. by Drake Blackmon)

13. “Smokin Guns” (J Pro & Epsilon Project)

14. “Turn It Up (Aspect One)

15. “Long Walk Short Plank” (Joe Cutter, Phillipdrummond, DJ Ladyfingers)

16. “Crew Cut” (Cadalack Ron & Machina Muerte) 03:58

17. “Blood Debt” (Tantrum & Pariah)

18. “Young Lions” (Aspect One, NoCanDo, Kail, & more)

19. “SOUL CAL” (Lush One)

20. “Burnin It Up” (Manik, Lush One, & Candor)

21. “WOO SAH” (Malathion & Namek)

22. “Stomp” (DirtBag Dan)

23. “Machina” (Cadalack Ron)

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