Daylyt, who is set to battle Head Ice in King of the Dot’s upcoming Battle of the Bay 6 (BOTB 6) event today (October 12), recently spoke with HipHopDX about his dressing up as Batman in a 1 Outs battle against Manaz Ill in Australia. 

“Lately, my slogan started to change and it [became my] ‘To the Batmobile’ slogan or whatever,” Daylyt says. “And I noticed a lot of the little kids who play World of Warcraft, all those little type of kids, I noticed something about them. They like this funny stuff. So, ‘To the Batmobile.’ That’s my slogan. ‘To the Batmobile.’ And for the last couple of battles, I showed them it was coming. ‘To the Batmobile, to the Batmobile.’ I started doing little blogs talking about Batman. And I said, ‘Okay, boom. I’m battling Manaz Ill. This is Manaz, a blind guy.’ He’s technically blind. Now, from what we know, most bats are blind. That’s just what people say. Bats are blind. One of the great sayings is, ‘Your blinder than a bat.’ Okay, cool. So I said, ‘This makes perfect sense.’ My slogan is ‘To the Batmobile.’ I’m battling a blind guy. I should just dress up like Batman. It’s kind of like a two-in-one. Boom. I dress up like Batman and I walk out and the crowd goes crazy. ‘Oh my God. Ah shit, he’s really dressed up like Batman.'” 

Daylyt says he was surprised by Manaz Ill’s abilities during their battle. 

“I never really watched any of Manaz’ battles, so the battles that they sent to me was the very bad battles he had,” Daylyt continues. “You know, like the last couple of battles. Like him versus Charron and him and somebody else. It was the battles where he didn’t do pretty good. So I’m like, ‘Oh, okay. Well, they pretty much set this battle up for it to be a fucking sideshow.’ They didn’t set it up for us to come in there and have a real classic match. They clearly set it up for a sideshow because they only sent me footage of him struggling and shit and then he’s a blind guy so I’m thinking, ‘Yeah, they want a show. They want me to do something crazy. So yeah, I’m just going to go in the whole Batman costume and I’m going to give them what they want.’ I gave them the show, but I was disappointed at myself…not in myself, but like, it was to the point to where I showed up and I gave them the sideshows, the blind jokes or whatever. But yeah, Manaz really had dope material. Like, his material was actually some of the best material I’ve heard him spit and I wish I could’ve gave him better material. Because now, I kind of feel kind of bad that I joked in the battle. I wish I could’ve gave him better material and had a very classical match with him. I think that would’ve helped him out a lot, too.”

Daylyt Says Controversy Matters More To Fans Than Skills

During the interview, Daylyt also spoke about critics who feel he’s only successful due to controversy.

“When people complain that I’m all controversy and no skill, that proves my theory right that the controversy got them to see me,” Daylyt says. “‘Cause evidently, for a person to say that I’m all controversy and no skill, that means you only watched the battles where I did something crazy in. That literally means, if somebody goes, ‘Daylyt is all gimmick…’ I’ve seen people say this. ‘Yo, SMACK, why you going to bring that nigga over here, son? He only got gimmicks online.’ That means right there that they have only seen the battles where I did something stupid in, which was my whole point of proving if I do something stupid in battle, then they’ll watch it. And if I fucking give y’all dope lyrics, y’all ain’t even going to know about it.”

Daylyt said he has battles that have not featured controversy, which he hopes fans can watch also. 

“I would honestly tell them to watch a couple of battles,” Daylyt says. “I would tell them to watch, me versus Shotty Horroh, me versus Rich Dolarz, me versus Lotta Zay. Those would be the three battles where I would tell somebody to watch me if it was the first time they ever seen Daylyt. I would tell somebody to show somebody those three battles.”

Those three battles can be viewed below.

Daylyt is set to battle today (October 12) at Battle of the Bay 6, a King of the Dot event in Oakland, California. The battle event is also set to include The Saurus versus John John Da Don and Dizaster versus Aye Verb. A trailer for the event can be viewed below. 

In September, Lush One spoke with HipHopDX about the event.

“‘Battle of the Bay’ is the dopest and most innovative series in Battle Rap history especially for Cali,” Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “Because of us doing that shit and groups like Hieroglyphics, now you got lil’ youngsters all through the hood in East Oakland. This is Cali, not New York.  We grew up on mob music and gang culture, not Hip Hop, cyphers and battles. We helped bring that element to the forefront. It’s way bigger and more important to the Bay Area then the Battle Rap community can comprehend.  ‘Battle of the Bay’ means the manifestation of all my hopes and dreams. I lost my chick over that shit, basically. I chose this over my life and fuck it, I couldn’t be happier.” 

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