In the ongoing legal debacle between rapper Kanye West and photographer Daniel Ramos, West has been ordered to stay at least 10 yards away from the man he tussled with during an altercation at Los Angeles International Airport this year. According to TMZ, the judge in the matter also suggested that Ramos stay away from West.

West was not present in court today (October 7), but his lawyer, Blair Berk appeared on his behalf. During her appearance in court, Berk also requested that the judge in the matter order prosecutors to turn in any information they have in their criminal battery case.

Although Berk’s request was granted, the judge in the case rejected a request made by prosecutors asking that the judge require the Yeezus rapper to attend anger management classes.

West has made headlines over the past few years due to his various run-ins with the paparazzi, but it was this year’s incident with Ramos that garnered the most attention. A video of the July 19 incident shows both Ramos and West exchanging words before the rapper attempts to grab Ramos’ camera.

West was initially named a felony suspect as a result of the incident, but the Los Angeles County district attorney’s office chose not to file felony assault and attempted robbery charges against the Windy City rapper.

Despite West’s numerous incidents involving paparazzi here in the United States, he recently expressed his respect for French paparazzi.

“I like how you guys move out here. You guys have total respect for yourselves,” said Kanye while speaking directly to a French photographer in late September. “You’ve got respect for the people you photograph. You also take time off at like 8 o’clock. You’re not around peoples’ houses and stuff like that. I just really appreciate and respect that.”

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