Although Aussie rapstress Iggy Azalea serves as the cover artist for Paper magazine’s nightlife issue, The New Classic crafter expressed more interest in books than nightlife during her interview with the New York City-based magazine.

Azalea even went on to credit her outlook on the music industry to “The Origins Of Political Order,” a non-fiction book written by Chicago-born author Francis Fukuyama.

“I like to read,” said Azalea. “I’m currently reading ‘The Origins of Political Order’ [by Francis Fukuyama]. It starts at the beginning of time and goes up to the French Revolution. It’s about how religion turned into politics and politics turned into religion. Actually, it’s really informed how I look at the music industry.”

The former Grand Hustle Records affiliate, who spoke on always being loyal to T.I. during her interview, also shared a unique story about her stage name. According to Azalea, the “Iggy” part of her name was inspired by a family dog of the same name.

“When I was a kid, Iggy was my dog,” said the rapper. “But he’d always get in fights and come home covered in blood. One time, he got bitten by a snake. I thought for sure he was going to die, but he’d always make it. Iggy was the runt of the litter, but he always survived. I really loved that dog. He was a tough, cool, determined fighter. He had all the characteristics I admire in people. When he got put down, I got a nameplate necklace with his name. People started calling me that, too.”

On top of her upcoming album, The New Classic, Azalea will also serve as opening act for Beyonce during the Australia and New Zealand leg of the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour.” Thanks to the tour she will have the opportunity to perform in front of her parents for the first time.

“It’ll be weird when my parents are there,” Azalea said. “Not because of the dancing or the sexuality, but because they created me. There will be fans screaming for me, but my parents know the real side of me. The side that’s not cool.”

Azalea is scheduled to join the “Mrs. Carter Show World Tour” beginning on October 17.

Several years after moving to the United States from Mullumbimby, New South Wales, Azalea gained viral fame thanks to the release of the music video for “Pu$$y.” The visual for the controversial record has gone on to receive millions of views on YouTube. Her viral fame was later followed by a brief stint at the T.I.-led Grand Hustle Records, a spot on XXL Magazine’s Freshman 2012 issue, and a handful of projects including her Glory EP.

Although a set release date has yet to be confirmed, Azalea’s The New Classic is currently slated for release in October 2013.

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