Toronto singer/rapper Drake has only released three studio albums, with the most recent project dropping today (September 24), and already the Young Money artist has reached fame close to that of his mentors.

During this week’s iHeartRadio album preview and interview with Ryan Seacrest, Drake was asked about a particular lyric on “Tuscan Leather.” On the Nothing Was The Same record, Drake raps, “I’m just as famous as my mentor/But that’s still the boss, don’t get sent for.”

Drake went on to breakdown that specific line as he spoke on observing his mentor Lil Wayne from the sidelines and then eventually becoming the Young Money helmsman’s rap equal.

“I used to stand at the side of the stage and watch Lil Wayne perform right after he had dropped Tha Carter III,” Drake shared. “And I used to stand out there all night. You can ask anybody in Young Money Cash Money, I mean, I was out there every night. And I would stand at the side of the stage. And I would soak in the energy, his performance skills. I would try and learn as much as I could. And I knew things were gonna go well at that time because he was bringing me out on stage and people were reacting, but I was so far away from being Lil Wayne that now it’s almost crazy to be seen as an equal…So, that’s what I was talking about when I say ‘I’m just as famous as my mentor.’”

In addition to Lil Wayne, Drake shared the names of the other mentors he’s gained since the start of his career. Among them are Will Smith, Marvin’s Room Recording Studio owner John McClain, and Jamie Foxx, an artist he referred to as the “most talented man on the planet.”

“And other mentors for me, I have a lot of great people in my life. Jamie Foxx is a huge mentor for me. I think he’s the most talented man on the planet in my opinion. Most talented man on the planet hands down. A great mentor for me, Will Smith is another guy who was there for me and reaches out and guides me definitely,” he revealed. “And a gentleman by the name of John McClain who owns Marvin’s Room Studio and worked with Michael Jackson and he’s probably the guy who really gives me the best advice in life.”

In the past year, Drake has collaborated with a number of artists including Justin Timberlake and Jay Z, who is featured on the Nothing Was The Same record “Pound Cake.” Drake appears alongside Timberlake on the crooner’s The 20/20 Experience: 2 of 2 track “Cabaret.” And according to Drake, it was an invite from Beyonce that helped the rapper link up with Timberlake.

“There’s this incredible workspace in New York. It’s a studio, it’s a building. And in there working at the same time is Justin Timberlake, Beyonce, Jay Z, Timbaland, Swizz Beatz. Just music basically is in this one building….I’m a Beyonce believer,” said Drake. “I really believe strongly in her talent and her position in our generation. And I think she’s one of the biggest stars ever, but especially for these girls. Right now, I feel like they need Beyonce. So, I had reached out to her and asked if I could come and be a part of her project and she was kind enough to invite me out there. We did some work together. And in that building—I was schmoozing man…So, I definitely got to catch up with Jay. And Justin was there and he was like ‘Man, I think I have a record.’”

Drake’s interview with Seacrest can be found below (via 2DopeBoyz).

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