Last week, Mister Cee announced his resignation from New York radio station Hot 97 amidst new allegations that he had solicited a male prostitute. Days later, Cee admitted to engaging in transsexual sex acts.

Now, Cee has decided to open up further in an interview shared by Hot 97, where he discussed the deep-seated concerns he had about coming out.

“The decision I’ve made this week to open up about my sexuality has definitely been the most difficult thing that I’ve ever had to do in my life,” Mister Cee said. “But I felt like this was the time to do it personally and professionally. For me, I felt worried about how my family would be affected, how my coworkers, my friends, and even my fans would be affected by this decision, because in this Hip Hop community of ours, it’s not cool to be gay. It’s not cool to be bisexual.”

Mister Cee revealed that he feared the repercussions of being honest about his sexuality. “I felt that if I was to actually be honest about myself, that nobody would actually want to deal with me anymore,” he said. “But the more that I kept lying, and the more that I kept trying to deceive you and myself, the more that I was being closed in, and not really being who I really am. I also realized that the more that I kept this secret, and kept lying, and kept trying to be deceitful to the people that I loved, I wasn’t really helping myself, or anybody else that could need help out there. But with the grace of family and good friends around me, they made me feel comfortable to exercise my human right for sexual freedom, instead of finding myself being self-detained by discrimination, judgment, criticism, and even violence from my own community. Thank God that I have friends and family that’s gonna hold me down and make sure that I’m alright.”

Cee then announced that he has teamed up with the AIDS Health foundation. “I am choosing to speak for myself and a new sexual revolution,” he said.

“You don’t have to be afraid,” Cee added, “but you do have to be careful, and protect yourself.”

Watch the interview in its entirety below:

Mister Cee established himself a legendary Hip Hop figure as Big Daddy Kane’s deejay in the 1980s, and as an executive producer of The Notorious B.I.G.’s 1994 debut Ready to Die.

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