Days after throwing what appeared to be a subliminal shot at Lil Wayne via Twitter following the release of Dedication 5, Virginia lyricist Pusha T has finally given his two cents on the Young Money leader and his most recent project.

During an appearance on Thursday Night Live With DJ Envy, Pusha T was asked if he had the opportunity to listen to Dedication 5. He confirmed that he did give the mixtape a listen and went on to refer to the project as “trash.” The My Name Is My Name rapper also expressed his belief that Lil Wayne has lost it as an emcee.

Both Pusha T and Lil Wayne have feuded on and off in the past with Weezy proclaiming “Fuk Pusha T and anybody that love em” last year following the release of Pusha T’s “Exodus 23:1,” a record that took aim at Young Money artist Drake.

Pusha T addressed Lil Wayne’s Tweet and revealed that he’s merely “having fun” when it concerns comments he’s made on the popular social networking site.

“This how it is for real with me. I’m just having fun. I’m really just having fun with it,” Pusha T explained. “The thing is though, these guys got so many fans that when you make blanket statements like ‘F Pusha T’ on Twitter and all that type of stuff, you can’t just let things like that go. Because they got so many fans that by the time it gets quiet everybody gon’ start looking at you like ‘Man, he just gets over on you’ and so on and so on. So, it’s like I just play with it. I just toy with it. Totally just toy with it and have my fun with it. And then he’s sort of rapping bad so that doesn’t help. I’m good, he’s bad.”

The Clipse emcee also took some time to speak on his solo LP, My Name Is My Name, and the struggle he’s endured while breaking out as a solo artist.

“I feel like it’s taken this long for people to accept me as a solo artist,” said the rapper. “Everybody saying like ‘Yo, we been waiting. We been waiting. We been waiting.’ I feel like, man, I been convincing, convincing, convincing folks to get out of Clipse mode for a minute. Just to look at me in a specific way just as a solo [act]. I think I been proving myself man. I think I’ve been proving myself and now the day has come man, October 8. I told everybody man I got album of the year. I said it a long time ago.”

Pusha T’s My Name Is My Name is currently set for release on October 8. The album will serve as the G.O.O.D. Music emcee’s first solo LP.

Audio from Pusha T’s interview can be found below (via AllHipHop).

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