Miley Cyrus was recently featured with Wiz Khalifa and Juicy J on Mike WiLL Made It’s “23.” Mike WiLL recently addressed Cyrus’ raps on the track.

“I look at her like how I do music,” Mike WiLL Made It said in an interview with Complex. “She is a fan of all music, just like I am. A lot of times, older people don’t get the new generation. The new generation will listen to a Pop song, a hard-ass hood song, and come back and listen to another Pop song. ‘23‘ is a representation of that and for those people. But, for the people that are stuck in only the Hip Hop box or only the Pop box, that song wasn’t for them. Or it’s there to break them out of their box. The fact that anybody would say anything to her about rapping, the only reason they would say that is because she’s White. And I never knew you had to be Black, White, Asian, or whatever to rap, I thought you had to just be talented. With rapping, that’s just another form of expressing your music. Whether you’re going to rap, you’re going to sing, it’s whatever you want. She still sings on that song, so it’s just another way to express it. It’s just a good song. As long as it’s good, nothing matters. She does her thing. As far as rapping goes, as long as you are telling the truth and you have a good flow, then you win.”

Mike WiLL added that criticism for Cyrus is unwarranted and that she will likely be criticized for anything that she does because of the level of success she has obtained.

“People are going to hate,” Mike WiLL said. “A lot of times, it’s the media that is hating and not the real people, the real people are saying, ‘What’s the big deal?’ Anything she does, if she claps her hands three times they will say, ‘Oh man, why didn’t she clap four times?’ If she came out to the [MTV] VMAs and she wasn’t twerking and she wasn’t doing all that, everybody would’ve said, ‘Oh she was supposed to twerk. Why didn’t she twerk? She’s not real.’ They would shoot her down regardless because she is successful.

“When you are successful you get people to talk, and when people watch you grow up and play a role on Disney, they are going to put her in that box and stay in that box,” Mike WiLL continued.”She’s not that character. She’s herself. It is what it is. It’s part of the world and country we live in. When you are White and successful, it’s hard for them to accept you trying to do anything Black. When you are Black and successful, you’re supposed to do some real niggerish shit, so they can talk and shoot you down. Or you are supposed to do it the White way and they will call you perfect. She’s 20 years old, a fan of music, and extremely talented and she can do anything. She just proved that.”

Mike WiLL also said that working with Cyrus has acted as a learning experience for him.

“I feel like one thing she taught me was about country harmonies,” he said. “She put me on different old Rock bands and Country songs and I put her on Est. 1989, old Gucci Mane mixtapes, all that shit. It was like a history lesson. I taught her how to be in different pockets. I’m 24, she’s 20, we have a long way to go. I feel like she’s the next Madonna for real. Madonna is 55? So she’s got 35 years to put in work.”

Mike WiLL’s label, Eardrumma Records, was recently signed to Interscope. According to Mike WiLL, his upcoming album is slated to feature several guests including, Diddy, Future, 2 Chainz, Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar, ScHoolboy Q and more.

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