In a genre where a handful of artists have gained fame due to notoriety, Atlanta emcee 2 Chainz says he has no desire to be the rapper who sells records due to a lengthy rap sheet. During an appearance on MTV’s “Rap Fix Live,” the B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime creator seemed noticeably frustrated with the number of ill occurrences he’s endured over the past few months.

Most recently, 2 Chainz’ tour bus was pulled over in Oklahoma City and towed to a training facility when those onboard refused to let authorities, who said they smelled marijuana, on the bus. Upon arriving at the training facility, 2 Chainz and members of the rapper’s entourage were then arrested.

While speaking with Sway, 2 Chainz, who says he’s gone “cold turkey on all criminal activities,” suggested that he’s now being targeted by authorities due to the excessiveness of his run-ins with police.

“I never said I don’t smoke or nothing like that, but most of the time when we do things like that it’s not like we’re actually riding, going…For us, you get pulled over 30 minutes from the venue, 10 minutes away from the venue and it’s just always something,” 2 Chainz revealed. “Like I said I have a chef on my bus. He cooks seafood. He cooks everything. No police ever smelt food on my bus ever. Like ever in life. He could be cooking a whole onion with garlic…It wakes me up out of my sleep. No one smells the food.”

The Def Jam lyricist also touched on the now infamous robbery incident which took place while the rapper was in San Francisco. The rapper was allegedly shot at before surrendering his wallet to one of the assailants. 2 Chainz says that particular incident is the reason why authorities found weapons on his tour bus.

“And then for me I made so many mistakes…I made mistakes when I was like previous to being in this position. To where I don’t wanna do mug shots. I don’t wanna be on these TMZs and these news [outlets],” said the rapper. “I’m not trying to portray that. I don’t wanna be the rapper that’s tryna sell albums to go to jail or whatever it is. Because eventually you start looking like you an ignorant if you just keep going for little stuff…They said they found a grinder covered in residue. That’s what they said cause I read it and they found guns, which we told them. The guns were there. The situations that happened with me of course I have armed security around. Cause when somebody tried to kill me the police didn’t stop my bus then…So, at the end of the day I got two little girls I gotta get home to. I ain’t out here playing with these folks. You know what I’m saying? Any situation like that happen to me again somebody not gon’ leave there walking. And it’s not gon’ be me.”

2 Chainz’ conversation with Sway comes just days after the Southern emcee released his second solo album, B.O.A.T.S. II: #MeTime.

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