Hip Hop fans have been known to wait years when it comes to the release of certain projects, and New Orleans rapper Jay Electronica is one artist who is in no rush to put out his much-anticipated studio album, currently titled Act II: Patents Of Nobility.

Although Jay has remained relatively tight-lipped when it concerns dishing out any info on his album’s release, producer Just Blaze, who worked with the “Exhibit C” rapper on Act II: Patents Of Nobility, offered a minor update on the album during an interview with Vlad TV.

According to Blaze, the album is “pretty much done” and as of right now the project is only in need of a few, small additions. The New Jersey-based beatsmith also touched on his additions to Jay Electronica’s debut, which consisted of working with beats the rapper already created, tying songs together, and other duties.

“He did a lot of the beats himself then I came in and produced the songs,” Just Blaze revealed. “Did overdubs, tied songs together, and then added maybe like two or three new songs. Two or three new songs the last time I was out in London. The album’s great and it’s not like he’s not thinking about it. He texted me two days ago like ‘Yo, do you really think I should put out this record as a single?’ He’s still formulating it in his head. He’s just in his own zone and he’s gonna do it when he’s ready…I feel like the album needs a slight bit more touching up. Just in terms of like—not that it needs more songs. The reality of it is there’s like a couple of songs that maybe he needs to do a verse over on…Maybe a song or two that needs maybe a string arrangement or something. But for the most part the core of the album is there. It’s pretty much done.”

Due to Jay Electronica’s desire to move “at his own pace,” a release date for Act II: Patents Of Nobility still remains unknown and Just Blaze says the anticipation for the album isn’t affecting the speed in which the Louisiana lyricist is progressing either.

“The situation is Jay moves at his own pace…He always moved at his own pace,” said Just Blaze. “I think the problem is now is that before there wasn’t any anticipation. That anticipation came, but he’s still just kinda like ‘Hey, my train’s on schedule.’ He loves to say that. That’s his saying…He has his own personal reasons for the way he moves. There is an album. It’s actually a damn good album.”

On top of his work on Act II: Patents Of Nobility, Just Blaze has worked with Jay Electronica over the past few years producing records which include “Exhibit A,” “Exhibit C,” and “Dear Moleskine.”

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