October 8 will mark the release of Pusha T’s debut solo album and the G.O.O.D. Music artist has been touting My Name Is My Name as the best album of 2013.

In the second part of Pusha’s My Name Is My Name Documentary Series, he spoke on his fans and what he believes makes a Pusha T fan.

“My fans don’t really know what I really really love. And they don’t know that because my music is so lyric driven-based and they know that about me but they don’t know that I’m really outside,” he said when asked about how he manages the difference in music tastes between his fans and him. “I know who my fan is when they tell me like, ‘Why did you put Future on ‘Pain,’ I hate him?’ And I’m like, ‘You don’t go outside son…’ Cause if you go outside and you go to clubs and you’re in the places I’m in, you know why Future’s on my record. What I try to do is expose them to that. If they are my fans they’re going to try to take the time to look through my eyes.”

The Virginia Beach-based artist also said he wanted The Clipse’s appeal to be represented like Gang Starr.

“I always modeled The Clipse and I always said, ‘Man, The Clipse and the Neptunes need to have a brand needs to be known as a brand of music that’s like synonymous to Gang Starr,” he said. “Gang Starr come out with an album. Whether I like it or not, the person who likes the Gang Star album knows what they’re gonna get.”

Pusha also said the Internet age and the change of general practices in Hip Hop changed how The Clipse did their work and how it affected what they did.

“That was just a strain in like trying to put out this music and be happy with the music but put it out in such a rapid pace.”

Watch the full second part of the My Name Is My Name Documentary Series below (via Mass Appeal):

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