Pharoahe Monch recently spoke about a time he was dissed by Kanye West.  

“[Talib Kweli] was having this party one time and he was throwing these parties in Brooklyn,” Monch says in an interview with VladTV. “I was like, ‘I’ma get fresh for the night.’ [I] showered and threw on my cologne. I had just bought this fresh shearling jacket. I had on my new shearling. I’m walking up to the spot and I see the Range [Rover]. Somebody beeps the horn. I walk over to the Range Rover. I’m like, ‘Oh shit. That’s Kweli.’ Who’s in the driver’s seat? It’s Kanye. I’m like, ‘What up? What up?’ Gave them the five.

“[Kanye] touches my coat,” Monch continues. “He was like ‘Yeah. That’s Diesel right?’ I was like, ‘Yeah. How’d you know?’ He was like, ‘I had that shit last year.’ I said, ‘This mothafucker, man. What the fuck?'” 

The narration of the incident is accompanied by animation below. 

Pharoahe Monch and Kanye West collaborated on Talib Kweli’s “Guerrilla Monsoon Rap” off of 2002’s Quality

Earlier this year, Kanye West dissed Sway Calloway by saying that he got him his first television set. Sway later explained the incident on his MTV Rap Fix show

“This is my first TV,” Sway said, sitting beside the television set that Kanye West gave him. “We met in 2001. Back in 2001, me and Kanye West would hang out from time to time… Kanye is one of the most talented visionaries we have in this business. So, him inviting me to see his house? Of course I did it…When I opened the bathroom door, which was probably the size of a closet, the first thing I saw was this hunk of a TV sitting in Kanye West’s sink.

“I thought it was abstract art,” Sway continued. “I asked ‘Ye, ‘Yo, what’s up with that TV in your sink?’ He responded, ‘Yo dog, it’s 36 inches. This TV is too small to put in my living room. It’s embarrassing. So I hide it in my sink because the TV is embarrassing.’ Being from Oakland, I asked Kanye, ‘What are you going to do with the TV? You going to throw it away?’ He said, ‘Yep.’ I said, ‘No you not, homie. You grab one end of the TV. I’ma grab the other.’ We took the TV to my car.”

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