Shortly following the release of “Control,” Detroit rapper Big Sean expressed confidence in his verse on the much talked about song as he commented on his addition to “Control” being “harder” than verses from both Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica.

Nearly a month after the release of “Control” and Big Sean is continuing to stick with his words. During an interview with Cleveland radio station Z107.9, Big Sean again stated that he had no desire to change his verse after hearing Kendrick’s and referred to his bars as “excellent.”

The Hall Of Fame rapper also suggested that Kendrick’s “namedropping” is one addition that really set the Compton emcee’s verse off.

“I’m an ethical dude and I’m a confident person in my bars. So, I always feel like I have a good verse or a standout verse always,” Big Sean explained. “So, I sent him my verse first and then he sent his verse back. And I ain’t wanna change it up because I’m from a city of G’s where we keep it honest…You can always try and be selfish and try and one up somebody, but I was like ‘Nah, I did what I did to it.’ And I feel like Kendrick verse was real good, but I feel like that namedropping is what really set it off. Just the blatant fact of it. So, I feel like my bars were excellent on it.”

Big Sean spoke further on Kendrick’s “Control” verse as he recalled the moment he received the rapper’s verse back. And similar to Kendrick, Big Sean compared the competitiveness in the celebrated verse to the sport of basketball.

“I got his verse and I was like ‘Yo, this fool talking reckless on here.’ But then I was like, but it’s sports,” he revealed. “You know what I’m saying? We’ll talk trash about each other, but just like how basketball players will go score 30 on each other…And just like he [Kendrick] think he the best. And just like Jay Z think he the best. Just like I think I’m the best. And Drake think he the best. We all think we the best at what we do. If you don’t do it to be the best then or do it to inspire people then I don’t know what you doing it for.”

Big Sean’s “Control” garnered an immense amount of buzz thanks to the addition of a lyrically bold verse from Kendrick Lamar. On the song, Kendrick calls out his competition as reveals his desire to “murder” the likes of Mac Miller, A$AP Rocky, Pusha T, and a handful of other rappers.

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