Kendrick Lamar has said that he thought King Los had the best response to his verse on Big Sean’s “Control.”

In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, King Los says he appreciates Kendrick Lamar singling him out for his “Control (Remix).”

“I thought it was dope for a few different reasons,” King Los says in an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “First and foremost, I thought it was dope because he didn’t take my response as being negative or somebody just trying to come up off of the moment. He respected it. I thought it was dope because Hip Hop kind of lived in that moment.

“The second reason I thought it was dope was because a lot of people wanted to critique my approach, as far as that I didn’t get negative, go personal with people,” the Baltimore rapper continued. “People want to see blood, because it’s a blood sport. I jumped in there and was still able to display my skill and I was still able to give other emcees props that have been putting it down, that have been doing good work. Even though it still is competitive, I was paying a bit of homage to the people that were even dope enough to be mentioned in his verse. I was just paying tribune and at the same time displaying my skills. That’s why I thought it was dope that he thought mine was the dopest out of a lot of more well-known people. Mine had positivity and still lived to be the dopest, ’cause not only did he think mine was the dopest, on a few different sites and big blogs, they thought that mine was the dopest.”

Rappers such as Cassidy and Papoose took offense to Kendrick Lamar’s rhymes on “Control.”

King Los, on the other hand, says he likely took a different approach to making his version of “Control.”

“My response was a lot more natural,” King Los says. “It wasn’t a preconceived notion. It wasn’t pre-planned. I was in the studio and I had actually written some of those bars to a different beat. I had just gotten back to my writing because previously I had been doing my stuff without writing. So, I’m just getting back into my pen anyway. When I heard the beat, I was like, ‘I can just take this stuff that I’ve been writing and throw it on a beat.’ Then I started going from where I left off because I didn’t have a particular direction and because I didn’t have these preconceived notions and premeditated negativity in the back of my mind aiming for someone, it went the route that it went because that’s how it was supposed to go. I wasn’t sitting there like, ‘Ah. This nigga Kendrick just did this and I’m mad. Let me make a response.’ It wasn’t like that, so I ended up paying homage because that’s where the pen took me. I was just writing and when you write from the heart, and not just for gain or for whatever reason, it goes how it’s supposed to go. The story writes itself.”

King Los Salutes Big Sean’s Contributions To Rap

Part of the “Control” story that has been largely overlooked is that is actually a Big Sean song. King Los says that he is a fan of the Detroit rapper, for a number of reasons.

“I really like the fact that Big Sean is a really positive guy,” King Los says. “I’ve seen him go from nobody really knowing him to seeing him become the man. Right before that record, he killed [Drake’s] ‘All Me’ harder than anybody. It was just like karma, kind of like. Even though he didn’t go at 2 Chainz or Drake, he spazzed. He was on there with two guys that are known to drop verses that are crazy. 2 Chainz be dropping some memorable shit. You know Drake go nuts and you’ve got Chainz that just adds his flavor. It’s hard to outsauce Chainz. He’s just got flavor on top of flavor. You’ve got to really be saying something if you want to come out of a Drake, 2 Chainz song with a memorable verse and he had the dopest verse in that record. So when he put out his record, it was just all respect because he kind of started it with the ‘All Me.’ Even though it wasn’t geared toward those guys, he was like, ‘I wanted to have the hardest verse’ and I think he knew he had it, too. That’s why I said he put the D on [in my version of ‘Control’] because the last person we knew was Eminem.  He let Detroit be known for something other than style of music that Eminem does.”

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