Warren G is no stranger to commercial success, with his classic “Regulate” featuring Nate Dogg going platinum, and appearing on multiplatinum releases such as The Chronic and Doggystyle.

Nonetheless, Warren revealed in an interview with AllHipHop that he isn’t feeling what Hip Hop radio is offering today.

“[P]eople are getting tired of the same stuff being played,” he explained. ” Everybody’s talking about chains and Bugattis. We don’t want to keep hearing that. You got people that are not as fortunate as that. They don’t want to keep hearing that. They want to hear you give them a direction on how they can be successful. That’s what we need more of.”

The issue with radio goes beyond simply being unrelatable, says Warren G, opining that radio content is out of control. “What’s so crazy is that some of the records they be playing on the radio, I be like how can they even play this on the radio? How do you play this shit? For motherfuckers it’s all about the money. To me it’s just a lot of bullshit going on. Cause it’s a lot of records being played on the radio that shouldn’t be played on the radio. It’s dudes on records talking about eating girls out. They never played no shit like that on the radio. If we had done that sh*t back in the 90′s you’d be done. They wouldn’t play no more of your shit. Now instead of that being a treat to a women they’ve made that a natural thing. It’s dudes talking about eating girls out and girls talking about blowing guy’s socks off, and the radio plays it.”

The West Coast veteran placed the blame not only on radio, but also on the artists. “I put it on the radio and the artist. These kids growing up thinking that’s what it’s about, and that ain’t what it is. They thinking it’s cool to just go out and eat a girl out the first time you meet her or getting some head off top. That should be a treat in a relationship when you’ve been together for a while. They making it common to do those types of things.”

Warren admitted that some of his content has been racey. “Don’t get me wrong. I ain’t a square. You know we did ‘It Ain’t No Fun.’ That was a straight party record, but it was real talk. It wasn’t no game. It was real.”

Still, the Regulator finds reason for hope in some modern artists. “It’s just time to get back to real music, real Hip Hop like Kendrick said. You know who does great records to me? Drake does great records. J. Cole does great records. These guys know how to make songs, so I’m not knocking all these new young artists at all. I got love for a lot of them. I actually want to do music for a lot of them. It’s certain people that know how to make a song, and you got some guys that don’t know what the fuck they doing. They just doing shit just to do it. Nipsey Hussle knows how to make great records. Kendrick knows how to make great records. These guys know how to make records.”

Warren G released his debut album Regulate…G Funk Era in 1994, which spawned “Regulate” featuring Nate dogg and “This D.J.,” both of which earned him Grammy Award nods.

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