Today (August 29), when Kendrick Lamar discussed the many responses to his “Control” verse, he called Papoose’s diss track “comical.” 

“I liked the [King] Los verse,” Kendrick Lamar said in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. “Joe Budden did this thing, Joell; a lot of people with different approaches…Joey had the facts in his verse, a few things that he felt. Papoose had the comical joint. Los was flipping his words and putting that spunk on it. I think he had the killer thing though. Yeah, Los killed it out of everybody.”

After the interview was aired, Papoose took to Twitter with an update about Lamar. 

The tweet contains lyrics from Papoose’s “Control” response

“Tell Kendrick and TDE they need to lay off of the PCP,” Papoose says on the song. “Far from the king, this is the city of BDP / You’ll never be a real West Coast artist like Eazy-E / You a fucking joke. We laughing at you like he-he-he.”

Pap also disses Kendrick Lamar’s good kid, m.A.A.d. city on the song.

“You know nothing ’bout the trap,” Papoose says on the selection. “On your album cover you sat on another man’s lap / They looked like The Supremes. You was Diana Ross /  Only person in the flick with no shirt. Damn it, boss / Hope they didn’t molest you. Did you have your pamper off?”

Pap’s “Control” response can be heard below.

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