Given the snippet of Eminem’s song “Berzerk” that has been leaked, former Shady/Aftermath Entertainment act Stat Quo says he has an idea of the vibe of the Detroit rapper’s forthcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2, which is slated for a November 5 release.

“Based on that song, they basically went towards the whole Beastie Boys feel with the beat,” Stat Quo says during an exclusive interview with HipHopDX. “A lot of the rap right now is not in direction, where it’s very hard and shit with guitars. I think Em probably went that way because his typical style is that if everybody’s going right, he’s gonna go left. I definitely feel like it’s going to follow that Beastie Boys motif. I think it’s going to feel like a Beastie Boys record.”

Stat Quo says that regardless of what the music sounds like, the fact that Eminem is working on new material with Dr. Dre and former Beastie Boys producer Rick Rubin that will actually be released is noteworthy.

“I think that it’s significant that it’s even coming out,” Stat Quo says of forthcoming The Marshall Mathers LP 2. “Dr. Dre is so hard to please and I’m sure Rick Rubin is not easy, either, so that’s a big deal. But you’re talking about one of the greatest rappers ever, so I’m sure it’s gotta be crazy.”

Working on completing his own ATLA project, an acronym for “All This Life Allows,” Stat Quo says that he’s interested to hear the follow-up to Eminem’s second major label album given the magnitude of its predecessor. Released in 2000, The Marshall Mathers LP included the singles “The Real Slim Shady,” “The Way I Am” and “Stan.”

“Even though I’ve put out four Underground Atlanta [mixtapes], I’m never really big on people doing part twos of classics,” says Stat Quo, who is no longer signed to Shady/Aftermath but still works with several of their artists in a variety of capacities. “But if you want to look at the track record, Dre did a [The] Chronic and then a Chronic 2 [2001] and both of them were incredible, so let’s hope they duplicated that feat. I don’t put anything past Eminem. I believe he’s one of the best to ever do it, if not the best.”

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