King of the Dot’s Drake-sponsored “World Domination 4” Battle Rap event wrapped up its second night of match-ups yesterday (August 24). The Toronto event went on without Drake, who said he couldn’t believe he was missing the action in a tweet. 

Although Drake was absent from a battle event he helped sponsor, Lush One provided a recap of the event’s second day, describing several match-ups on the card, including the only one featuring two women. 

“Bonnie Godiva versus Young Gattas was incredible,” Lush said in an exclusive statement to HipHopDX. “[It was] the most stylistically advanced female battle I’ve ever witnessed.” 

Another significant match-up on the card included Charlie Clips battling Hollohan.  

“[It was a] really intense battle,” Lush said. “It had a lot of racial tension which clips wound up using to his advantage. He was a brilliant strategist and he used the clearly hostile environment to his advantage. Hollohan had crazy bars and it was a very close battle coming down to preference. Clips also had Bonnie spit his last line for him ‘in the name of Rosa Parks’ and the entire place went wild. He also dissed SMACK and URL. I’m not sure what the conflict with URL was but it had something to do with the ‘Summer Madness 3’ card apparently.” 

The King of the Dot title match also took place yesterday in what Lush called a battle that was over before it began.

“Pat Stay won the title match before the doors at the venue had even opened,” Lush said. “It was in the air.  The battle was his to lose and he delivered.”

Beyond this, Lush One said other highlights from the event included Real Deal versus Rone and J-Pro versus Anygma. 

Drake’s tweet about “World Domination 4” can be found below.

Drake previously said that the event featured the “best card ever.” That tweet can be found below.

Drake is set to appear at tonight’s MTV Video Music Awards in Brooklyn, as reported

Fans who want to watch the event can purchase PPV passes via KOTD. The first day of the event was recapped by Lush One yesterday (August 24)

Photo By: Tanya O. 

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