Numerous websites reported that there would be a free Jay Z concert in Brooklyn, New York today (August 24). The initial reports turned out to be false.  

Revolt TV announced that the “Secret Show” was taking place in a tweet today. They also announced an address for the rumored concert and reported that Beyonce and Justin Timberlake would be at the event as special guests. Several fans went to the location listed in the tweet and began posting about it on social networks. Contrary to the initial announcement, there was no performance to be seen.

Jay Z has numerous ties to Brooklyn. Outside of being a BK native, he was a former part owner of the Nets and has had many shows in the NYC borough including one at the Barclays Center earlier this month.

Revolt’s announcement was later removed from the site’s Twitter account. An image of the tweet can be found below.

Following this, Revolt updated its followers with another statement about the rumored concert. 

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