Joey Bada$$ recently sat down with Black Moon’s Buckshot to discuss the parallels of their careers and the significance of Brooklyn. 

“Brooklyn is the land of business,” Buckshot said in an interview with fellow Brooklynite Joey Bada$$ for MTV. “B.K. Business Kings. You understand that? That’s why Joey is a Business King. That’s why I’m a Business King. That’s why Jay Z is a Business King. Brooklyn [makes] Business Kings because we’re hustlers.” 

After discussing their Brooklyn connection, Buckshot also praised Joey Bada$$ for his work.  

“Officially, from my heart to yours, when it comes to right now, you are that nigga,” Buckshot said. 

Buckshot also went on to discuss Kendrick Lamar’s much-discussed “Control” verse and Hip Hop’s “Golden Age.”  

“Y’all are the new Golden Age,” Buckshot said. “Thanks to y’all, the age has survived. Thanks to y’all. There was a point when people were saying Hip Hop ain’t the same. Hip Hop is dead. Hip Hop is this. Hip Hop is that. Now? All respect due to Kendrick Lamar, King of the West Coast, King of New York, whatever is the stuff that’s going on right now. I love the competition, but Kendrick Lamar go against the Beast Coast? Whoo. I’m just an OG here, loving the fact that I retired that level of it and now you have to deal with a brother like Joey, which is a .45 magnum with a knife at the tip and a shotgun at the end.”  

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In March 2012, Joey Bada$$ addressed his feelings about a Golden Age.

“I want to bring the Golden Age back,” Joey Bada$$ said. “I want to bring back real music.”

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