After the passing of Nate Dogg in March 2011, Snoop Lion decided to get a tattoo of his longtime friend and frequent collaborator. Footage of Snoop’s 2011 tattoo session with Mr. Cartoon was published yesterday (August 20) by Sanctioned TV as part of its “Tattoo Stories” series. In the video, Snoop talks about Nate Dogg’s personality. 

“Nate Dogg was a party type of individual,” Snoop says in the clip. “He loved to party. He loved to have fun. One thing that I know, he don’t want his fans to be too sad for too long. Mourn his death, but at the same time, celebrate his life and celebrate his music. That’s what he left us. That’s what God gave him to give to us. His music is going to live on and on forever…Be thankful that we had Nate Dogg for as long as we had him for.” 

Snoop also recalls the first day he met Nate Dogg in school.

“September 16, 1986, first day of Poly High School, we had science class together and we had P.E. in the seventh period, so I met him real quick,” Snoop said. “First day of school, he was in the back of the class singing, him and a couple of other little dudes. I slid in the back, let them know who I was, ‘My name is Snoop. I’m a rapper.’ They was like, ‘Go ahead, bust. Let me hear you bust.’ So I hit the beat on the table and started bustin’. From that, we went on to seventh period P.E. and became friends and locked and loaded.” 

Snoop and Nate Dogg collaborated throughout their careers. Some of those selections include “Never Leave Me Alone,” “Friends,” “Puppy Love,” “Dogg Pound Gangstaville” and “Aint No Fun (If The Homies Cant Have None).” Together with Warren G, the trio made up 213. The group released their 2004 collection, The Hard Way, on TVT Records.  

Snoop’s tattoo was done by acclaimed tattoo artist Mr. Cartoon. The footage of this session can be seen below. 

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