Newark, NJ— If there was ever a time when it was of the utmost importance for the urban music community and its fans to stand up and make their voices heard; it’s safe to say that time is upon us. From June 16 – 19 of this year, the inaugural National Hip Hop Political Convention will take place in Newark, NJ. The Convention plans to draw well over 15,000 young people from around the country and with partnerships from the city of Newark and the ACLU (as well as the SEIU, NAACP, MoveOn.Com) already solidified, the Convention is guaranteed to generate tremendous national and international media attention. Attendees will represent the entire culturally diverse spectrum of Urban music fans; from those simply following the most mainstream happenings, to those interested in its social and political themes.

The Convention will consist of 4 days of workshops, panels, networking sessions and three free concerts. The central purpose of the panel discussions will center on sharing views about the current Hip-Hop scene and the importance of the NHHPC on setting a political agenda for our generation. The panel discussion groups will be headed up by a very long list of well-known and distinguished figures and those guest speakers comprise music industry executives, artists, public and state officials, religious and community leaders, the heads of major non-profit organizations, respected authors and journalists. They include:

• Ras Baraka-Deputy Mayor of city of Newark, NJ and the Son of famous poet Amiri Baraka.

• James Bernard-Author and Co-founder of renowned hip-hop publications The Source and XXL.

• Bakari Kitwana-Acknowledged as the expert on youth culture by New York Times, Washington Post, CNN, O’Reily Factor and more. Author of The Hip-Hop Generation: Young Blacks and the Crisis in African American Culture.

• Dennis Kucinich

• Chuck D

• Harry Allen

• Sista Souljah

• Kevin Powell

• Staff Members from Vibe and King Magazines

• Hot 97 Radio Personalities

• Rock the Vote

• Steph Lova

• Davey D