Watts, California’s Daylyt, who will be making his Ultimate Rap League (URL) debut at Summer Madness 3 this year, recently spoke about why he feels Battle Rap is mainstream and why Kendrick Lamar deserves praise. 

“People fail to realize Kendrick has a battle past,” Daylyt said in an interview with LA Weekly. “It’s not like he’s not a battle rapper. He’s had numerous battles before. That approach was right on time. I’m about to hit URL and I know the tension’s already going to be there, but this shit pops off weeks before I have to go to New York and the East-West beef is rising tremendously. There’s only one way to be a leader, and that’s to go to war, and Kendrick’s leading the Spartans right now. The question is, with everyone making diss records, what’s going to happen when Kendrick says ‘OK, let’s get in the ring.’ Who’s gonna take that challenge? It’s a set-up. It’s gonna happen. Battle Rap is mainstream now, so there’s no reason for industry cats to not battle now.” 

Daylyt also talked about one of his most recognizable features, the Spawn tattoo on his face.  

“Me and Spawn have a lot of things in common,” Daylyt said. “A lot of people look at me as a good guy now, but I wasn’t always like this. In my younger days, I did a lot of things that I shouldn’t have done, like anybody who grew up in Watts. But, as I got older, I understood my purpose in life and what I needed to do. What I do in Battle Rap, I did to make everybody hate me for the greater purpose of making them love me in the end. Same thing Spawn did. Yes, he sold his soul to the Devil. But what did he do at the end of the day? He killed the Devil. The singularities in that character and how my life is structured are almost identical.” 

Daylyt made headlines in the last year by stripping during a battle and lying down to sleep while facing Math Hoffa. Day is set to battle on King of the Dot’s Drake-sponsored event, Word Domination 4. A preview of his upcoming debut on URL can be seen below. 

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