It continues to be a busy year for Staten Island rap notables Wu-Tang Clan. The group will perform at Rock The Bells later this year and also have plans on releasing their 20th anniversary album titled A Better Tomorrow. And according to Wu-Tang spitter Killah Priest, he also plans on releasing a joint album with Ghostface Killah.

Tentatively titled Natural Born Killers, the album is described by Killah Priest as being “spiritual” and “for the spirit.” The Wu-Tang emcee also revealed that the pair is currently about five records in when it concerns the album.

“Me and Ghost, we working on an album too,” Priest revealed. “I’mma just leak that out there. It’s like that’s my brother right there, so we been planning on things…It’s title-less right now. It’ll probably be Natural Born Killers. It’s title-less right now, but we on a whole ‘nother plain. We’re just making music man…It’s gonna be out there man. It’s very spiritual. And everybody knows about Ghostface and his storytelling ability. And then we putting a lot of ideas together. It’s gonna be [some] magic…Basically, it’s for the most high. It’s for the spirit.”

News of a project between Killah Priest and Ghostface Killah comes shortly after the duo toured together as part of the “Twelve Reasons To Die” tour.

While a Wu-Tang Clan LP is expected before the year is up and an album between Killah Priest and Ghostface Killah is currently in the works, Priest says a new project from The Four Horsemen is still very much up in the air.

“I’m not the one to say that,” said Killah Priest when asked if a project from the rap quartet would happen. “It’s like this, you hear this straight from me. Music is done. We always come up with fresh ideas. Four Horsemen by itself got two albums. We sitting down playing games—Me and Kurupt just performed together in New York. I mean in L.A., my bad…So, we just performed there and Kurupt hit me up. He was like, ‘Yo Priest, man I just had a great vision.’ So, I’m always open…It’s like whenever cats are ready, the music is always there.”

Audio from Killah Priest’s interview with Conspiracy Worldwide Radio can be found below.

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