Noted Hip Hop impresarios 9th Wonder and Young Guru now serve as the latest artists to speak in-depth on Kendrick Lamar’s now notorious verse on Big Sean’s “Control,” and the pair did so during a listening session for Rapsody’s She Got Game. As part of their lively discussion, which included comparisons to famed skateboarder Tony Hawk and Young Guru predicting an exact schedule of when certain artists would release their response to “Control,” both artists praised Kendrick’s lyrical prowess on the record.

During the light debate, Young Guru gave the exact reason why he believes Kendrick’s verse is “chess perfect.” According to the producer, not only did the TDE spitter target emcees on every coast, but he did so without any bells and whistles.

“This is why it’s so chess perfect,” Young Guru revealed. “Number one, I’m not going at your coast. I’m telling you that I’m the king of Hip Hop no matter where you’re from. I got both of them niggas in my one hand juggling. I’m the king of the West and the East. I’m the king of Hip Hop, period. Number two, I came at y’all niggas on the shit that y’all complaining hasn’t been in the game. This is lyrical. This ain’t about who got the best beats. This ain’t about who got Future on the hook…What he shot at you was lyrics…Now you got somebody that’s sold records and is relevant in the culture to change the zeitgeist of the field of what’s going on right now.”

9th Wonder shared Young Guru’s sentiment as he questioned how an emcee can possibly go about topping Kendrick’s verse given the fact that any arguments about the rapper not being able to rap or sell records aren’t valid.

“What are you gonna say? I’m just tryna—Even if you sit down and write your best rhymes. What is this rhyme gonna contain,” 9th Wonder questioned. “What’s gonna be in it? You can’t say he can’t rap. You can’t say he’s not selling records. Those are two biggest arguments like you said. He got the OG’s beside him…His boss is Dre. His big homie’s Kurupt. His team is with it. What can you say? And then on top of that you can’t say anything about cars or jewelry because he doesn’t care about that.”

Released earlier in the week, “Control” has gone on to set off a firestorm of social media commentary and lyrical responses due to Kendrick’s verse on the record. On his verse, the good kid, m.A.A.d city rapper goes on to proclaim himself “king of New York” and calls out the likes of Pusha T, Tyler, The Creator, J. Cole, and Drake as he raps, “I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you niggas.”

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