Fabolous’ Chris Brown-assisted record “Ready” may have been released just a few months ago, but according to the Brooklyn rapper, the record was completed well over a year ago. While speaking with DJ Kay Slay recently, Fab shared a few details about The Runners-produced record and stated that it took a year and a half to release “Ready” because he didn’t want to drop the song while Brown was dealing with the backlash from his 2009 altercation with Rihanna.

The Loso’s Way rapper also touched on the newly-released “When I Feel Like It,” which features Atlanta emcee 2 Chainz.

“Even the record that I just released. The joint with Chris Brown…I actually did that record a year and a half ago. Before we even released it,” said Fabolous. “Chris…had the thing with Rihanna and all that so we gave that space just to clear. That was a touchy situation. We wanted to let everything he had to get out of the way done and then we released it. Just so the radio could feel me back in the streets on the radio. You know what I’m saying? And then everybody would ‘Oh okay, Fab is back.’ We got a record going with 2 Chainz recently…In the meantime while I’m preparing this gourmet meal that I’m cooking up.”

Although Fabolous has managed to hold fans over with the release of a handful of mixtapes, he did confirm that his next album, Loso’s Way 2, is “wrapped up.” And although Hip Hop has likely evolved since the release of Fabolous’ last studio album, he says he has no plans on compromising with Loso’s Way 2.

“The next album is almost wrapped up man,” Fab revealed. “It’s called Loso’s Way 2. I’ve been working on it for quite a long time man. I just wanted to really show—it’s a change in the sound of music, but I still wanted to adapt to that change, but also stay in what I do. Not compromise myself. So, within that time I also put out some mixtapes to let people know that I wasn’t dead somewhere. At the same time I was still working on the project getting it together, but we there man.”

A release date for Loso’s Way 2 has not yet been set, but in January of this year Fabolous did reveal the names of the artists featured on the album. Among them were Rick Ross, Young Jeezy, John Legend, and Future.

With a debut album that was released well over a decade ago, Fabolous has gone on to release a total of five studio albums. Loso’s Way, the rapper’s most recent studio album, debuted at number one on the Billboard 200 chart when it was released in 2009.

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