Ab-Soul recently explained the meaning behind his latest selection, “Christopher DRONEr.”

“Actually just me and my homies, we was just looking further into the [Christopher Dorner] case, the situation at hand,” Ab-Soul said in an interview with XXL. “I think the whole situation was very open-ended. Definitely no disrespect to Trayvon Martin or a lot of the things that have been happening along those lines. But I kinda just wanted to make sure we didn’t completely just forget about the situation.” 

In February 2013, one time police officer Christopher Dorner went on a killing spree after saying he had grievances against the Los Angeles Police Department. Dorner’s killing spree ended in what CNN reported as a “suspected self-inflicted gunshot wound.” 

Ab-Soul also addressed the timing of the song’s release.  

“I wrote it back when it happened, but we finally got around to putting it out,” Soul said. “[I] felt like it was a good time. Because I haven’t heard too much more about it. I haven’t heard these conversations so I felt like it was a great time to put it out. Just don’t forget this happened not too long ago. That was pretty crazy. We don’t really know [what happened]. I really looked into it because it was really heart felt. Even still, the whole case is really open-ended.”

The Black Hippy rapper understands he isn’t the first to use a sample found on “DRONEr,” referencing Meek Mill’s “Gasoline.”

“It’s crazy too because I heard that Meek Mill used that same sample not too long on a joint,” Soul said. “It was crazy because I feel like I used some Meek Mill influence even in the DRONEr song without even hearing his record first. That was a great display of how I am influenced by what’s going on.”

Soul also addressed his much-discussed collaborative project with JMSN

“I had a project with JMSN that I did, but our management couldn’t see eye to eye so we still got that in the cut,” Soul said. “As of right now it’s sounding like prequel to my album.”

The collaborative effort, Unit 6was announced in January 2013 by JMSN and Soul

While Unit 6 has now been called a “prequel” to Ab’s album, it’s unclear when the album will come. 

“I’m fine tuning it right now,” Soul said of his next project. “I don’t even really know if I  want to call it an album yet. I just want to call it a project. You know I’ve been quiet for awhile. We’re still really excited about the success of good kid m.A.A.d city so we riding that out as long as possible, as well as getting [ScHoolboy] Q’s album finished up, Oxymoron.”

The Carson, California native also said more about his plans moving forward.  

“We just building,” he said. “I talked to Loaded Lux last night on the phone [about this] and you gone do two things in this world, you gon’ either build or destroy. So we just gone continue to build.”

In 2012, Ab-Soul released Control System, a project that featured fellow Black Hippy members Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock and ScHoolboy Q.

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