Emilio Rojas featuring Chris Webby – “Seek You Out”

This song caught my ear originally because of the sample. Blue Foundation’s “Eyes On Fire” is a beautifully haunting track (unfortunately most will know it from the Twilight series). Emilio Rojas and Chris Webby take that sample to the next level with this dark introspective track, where the two trade bars about their lives and mistakes along the way. Emilio has been fairly consistently inching closer to fully pensive bars over the last few years. Chris though has been known for mainly his party raps. It’s nice to see Mr. Webby change it up here and really give us a glimpse into the person he is. As for Emilio Rojas, well, he just continuously betters himself with each release. Crossing genres and making you think: that’s the recipe for a successful track to me. – Kathy Iandoli (@Kath3000)

SwizZz – “Zoom In”

SwizZz understands that “Zoom In” may get slept-on. “Overlooked and underrated,” he says on the final verse of the track, before explaining that he’s “ready to kill ’em all.” Diving into personal issues and internal conflict, SwizZz provides an introspective look into his current mindset and outlook on the song. “Family drama made it difficult to maintain,” SwizZz raps. “Tired of my dad trippin’, urging me change lanes.” It’s this type of candor that will continue to set SwizZz apart. “Zoom In” also shows that the San Fernando Valley, California rapper is poised to make an impact in the coming year, with a lot to get off his chest. “Trouble on my mind,” he says on the track. “Got the world in my palm, ink spilling on the page, letting life correspond.” Interestingly enough, the song dropped on the same week as LA Weekly’s profile of Funk Volume’s co-founder Dame Ritter, SwizZz’s brother. In the article, Ritter says he hopes “this road will instill in [FV artists] a grind that they won’t forget.” SwizZz is grinding now, seemingly more focused than ever, and this type of dedication and output will ensure he doesn’t get slept-on for much longer. – Andres Tardio (@AndresWrites)

YC The Cynic – “Murphy’s Law”

To me, this song was a major coming out moment for YC The Cynic. The energy, the influences, and the dense message of “Murphy’s Law” grabbed me. This is intelligent, stylish Hip Hop that’s aware of Junior M.A.F.I.A., that’s aware of MC Ricky D, that’s aware of dope. The beat, the potent message… I am finally starting to see what so many of my HipHopDX colleagues have been saying for years about YC The Cynic. If this is Cynicism, being cynical has never sounded so positive. – Jake Paine (@Citizen__Paine)

Last Week’s Slept-On Segment

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