Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Riley Cooper has been under a web of criticism for his recent use of the N-word.

The rap world has made it’s own comments on the matter and recently, Bun B gave his opinion about the situation, which was captured by Real Talk NY.

“He obviously knows he messed up,” Bun B said. “He’s got a long football season in order to deal with the ramifications. The field’s 100 yards and he’s a receiver so he got to go across the middle a lot.”

In the greater scheme of things Bun B says there are more important issues regarding the word than Riley Cooper use of it.

“We’ve got bigger things to worry about than just this,” he said. “There’s bigger issues with the word and what’s going on in America right now with relations.”

Lil Wayne recently took to Twitter about Riley Cooper’s comments. According to him, “Riley Cooper kan suk my ….”

Watch the full Bun B video below:

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