While the term “extortion” typically refers to a person or persons being manipulated out of their money, according to Atlanta rapper Alley Boy, a number of rappers in the industry are being extorted, but it isn’t their money they’re losing.

Alley Boy freely discussed his gripes with the music industry, an industry he referred to as “fake” and “fucked up,” during an appearance on the Forbez DVD radio show. The rapper even went on to share his thoughts on what he feels is the non-monetary based extortion that takes place in the industry, artists being extorted out of work (verses, music videos, etc.).

“The extortion don’t come through money so much. A nigga can extort you out of work. Nigga, you give a nigga a verse and a video and you that type of artist, nigga you already getting 15,000 a verse and 15 for a video. Nigga, you done gave a nigga 30,000,” Alley Boy explained. “So, you ain’t gotta give him no money. You gave him the money…It be that type of shit. A lot of these niggas don’t find they self til they get money.”

The Atlantic Records artist further commented on the music industry during his interview, referring to it as “a follower gang” filled with artists searching for something to latch on to.

“It’s a follower gang. You know what I’m saying? Everybody done been influenced by something,” said the War Cry rapper. “And some people—when they ain’t got nothing else to latch on to they’ll latch on to the wrong thang. No matter what it is, whether it’s good or bad, people want to latch on to something. If they ain’t got nothing to personally root for or represent…Then it’s so many wannabe’s. You know what I’m saying? Out of 10 niggas, it probably ain’t but one who’s solid these days.”

Video of Alley Boy’s interview with Forbez DVD can be found below.

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