Run-DMC is widely known by many as pioneers in Hip Hop who were one of the first to successfully fuse Rap and Rock music with their 1986 hit “Walk This Way,” which featured Aerosmith, and for wearing there signature adidas Superstar, or “shell toe” shoes. In the spirit of teaming with prominent music acts and rocking Adidas, the Hollis, Queens group will team up with Fool’s Gold Records founder A-Trak, for an all-new fan interactive music video experience, presented by the athletic wear brand.

Set in New York, Run-DMC will be the players in the visual project that can be controlled by fans. Using voice commands and adding visual effects, people will be able to influence the video and trigger special effects and animations.

Adidas and the musicians are combing their talents for the fan-involved video in part of the brands FW13 Original Campaign.


For more information on the Adidas FW 13 Original campaign interactive video visit adidas’ dedicated page.

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