Flo Rida recently addressed a feud with Diplo and shared details regarding his upcoming album, Perfect 10, which may include production from Pharrell and an appearance from 50 Cent.

His feud with Diplo was sparked after tweets from Dip claimed Flo’s recent “Can’t Believe It” video was “ripping off” his “Butter’s Theme” clip. In his initial tweets, Diplo called Flo Rida a “fuck ass fuckboi.” He then offered to fight Flo Rida, even though he said he would get his “ass whooped.” 

Flo Rida responded to these tweets today (August 1) in an interview with MTV. 

“[The] only thing that stands out in that is the fact that I thank God I can afford a mansion,” he said of the tweet above that mentions his mansion. “I haven’t even seen the [‘Butter’s Theme’] video, but shout out to Sir Mix-A-Lot, 2 Live Crew who definitely inspired my video.”

There were no harsh words from Flo Rida towards Diplo. 

“For someone like him, I just wish him the best of luck on his career,” Flo Rida said. 

On July 29, the same day he made the tweets above, Diplo also said that his beef with Flo Rida was “lame.”

Flo Rida also provided an update on his upcoming album, Perfect 10

“I actually received a track from Pharrell,” he said. “I was thinking about reaching back out to him and telling him that I want to use it because it’s definitely a crazy record.” 

Flo Rida also said he has a song with 50 Cent that may be featured on Perfect 10.  

“You might find it on this album Perfect 10,” Flo Rida said. “It’s definitely a hot record but in putting out an album, I don’t take just my take on putting out an album. I make sure everything lines up right.” 

The interview can be seen below. 

Diplo has worked with several Rap artists, including 2 Chainz, Young Jeezy and RiFF RaFF.

Diplo’s “Butter’s Theme” video can be seen below, followed by Flo Rida’s “Can’t Believe It” clip. 

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