Following the infamous nightclub brawl, which reportedly took place between Chris Brown, Drake, and their entourages at W.i.P. nightclub in New York City last year, a number of lawsuits were filed against the pair of artists and W.i.P. nightclub. Today (July 22), both Drake and Brown have one less lawsuit to worry about now that a $16 million lawsuit against them has officially been dropped by a New York judge.

According to, Greenhouse, a nightclub located across the street from W.i.P. filed a lawsuit against the two artists, stating that due to the neighboring location of W.i.P., the brawl resulted in a financial loss.

Despite their claims of financial loss, a judge in the matter ruled that neither Drake nor Brown will have to pay anything to Entertainment Enterprises, the owners of Greenhouse.

Among the numerous parties who have sued Drake, Brown, or W.i.P., were two women who were injured during the brawl, NBA star Tony Parker, and most recently, Chris Brown’s bodyguard.

The notorious nightclub fight took place a little over a year ago and has resulted in a feud between Drake and Brown that has held strong in the year following the brawl. The fight reportedly occurred over comments made in regards to Rihanna and as a result numerous clubgoers were injured due to the number of bottles thrown during the raucous incident.

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