The Reverend Al Sharpton signed a book deal under the Cash Money imprint back in late June and has since been receiving criticism.

Sharpton’s forthcoming memoir, The Rejected Stone, tracks his progress from “personal evolution” to New York street activist to political candidate, civil rights spokesman and television host. Its collaboration with the Birdman empire was a shock to many especially after Sharpton’s criticism of Lil Wayne’s lyrics. Sharpton also met with PepsiCo and the family of Emmett Till when the YMCMB rapper’s offensive lyrics referenced Till and were framed in a sexual manner.

In a letter published on, Carl Redding, a chef and former associate of Rev. Sharpton wrote an open letter to the Reverend calling for him to return the “blood money” he received from Cash Money after signing the deal.

“As one who has spent years publicly crusading against the harmful effect of misogynistic lyrics on our young people, it’s clear that your decision to cut a lucrative financial deal with those who propagate such destructive images in our community, is the latest example of your failed leadership,” Redding wrote. “Dr. Martin Luther King, who you claim to emulate, is doing somersaults in his grave.”

Redding also goes on to point out the hypocricy of the situation.

“Your decision to cooperate and do business with a record label that routinely calls black women outside of their name, is deeply problematic and begs the question: where is your commitment to the black community?”

YMCMB has received criticism over the last few years from many over the lyrics that come from their artists. Sharpton’s most recent criticism of a YMCMB artist came recently when criticizing Lil Wayne’s lyrics on Future’s song “Karate Chop (Remix)” when he said “Beat that pussy up like Emmett Till.” The Reject Stone is due out on October 8.

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