Soon after Hollow Da Don’s battle with Tsu Surf dropped, a debate ensued among fans and the likes of Drake, Joe Budden and Kevin Durant. The debate around the winner of the match-up has intensified but Hollow Da Don still feels he won. 

“I think it’s debatable,” Hollow recently acknowledged to Forbez DVD. “I think it’s debatable but at the end of the day, it’s definitely a win because I did what I had to do, exposed him, put him on blast and let people see what I wanted them to see.”

When asked if the debatable nature of the match raises Tsu’s stock, he praised Surf. 

“It does,” he replied. “That’s why it’s also a loss but like [Jay-Z] said, even in defeat, it’s still a victory as long as you learn something and take from it.” 

Later, he was asked if the battle put any questions on his anticipated match-up with Loaded Lux, a battle that has not yet been confirmed.

“Lux want money,” Hollow noted. “He don’t give a fuck. He don’t care.”

He also explained that he would prepare differently for Lux.

“Lux has that legendary status. I made some mistakes with Surf because I should have prepared for him like he was legendary status. But I didn’t. But at the end of the day, you live and you learn. It’ll be a different preparation for Lux. For Lux, it’s gonna be that locked in the dark room…It’s gonna be totally different.” 

The Forbez DVD interview can be seen below.

In a different interview with VladTV, Hollow echoed these sentiments regarding his battle with Surf. In that interview, Hollow called the battle a “classic” but said he won on camera. More from this interview can be seen below. The VladTV clip can be seen below.

Tsu and Hollow have debated the battle themselves. In this other VladTV interview, which can be seen below, the two go at it about their match-up, praising and dissing one another and explaining their lines. 

The battle being discussed can be seen below.

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