In the third part of his interview series with BBC Radio 1, Jay-Z discussed politics. He explained why he respects President Obama so much and why he believes the Trayvon Martin death and George Zimmerman case showcase an example of how racism still exists. He also expressed some disappointment with sexism in this country adding that “we have to deal with sexism.” 

“Everyone outside of America was like, ‘Wow.’ There was a time when people were getting this sort of aversion to America like, ‘You preach these ideals but you don’t really practice them.’ You know? That was a major turn for us to be like, ‘Maybe it is the things that they profess, the land of the free and the home of the brave. Everyone’s getting a shot, any color or creed.’ We dealt with racism in America, in that way, that there’s a Black president,” he told BBC Radio 1. “It still exists, as we see with Trayvon and Zimmerman trial that’s going on. Of course it exists but we’ve dealt with that in some way. We have to deal with sexism of course. That’s the next thing.” 

Jay further explained that while he backs President Obama, he is not fond of politics. 

“My thing is about hope, hope that a person like Obama inspires in an entire nation and even outside of the nation,” he said. “What I support, other than Obama is a great guy, a more than capable president, is the hope that he represents to a generation of kids who grew up like me, that they can achieve this American dream. I’m pretty much into that idea. The politics part really bothers me because, for the most part, these people are putting up arguments against each other and there’s ego and there’s all these things and it’s about everything but people.” 

Jigga also offered a bit of a solution with a smile.

“The government’s too big. Let’s shrink that,” he said. “Let’s get rid of all of these fuckin’ assholes and shrink it to the people who really care and get things done.”  

More of their conversation, including Jay’s discussion about Kevin Durant, Roc Nation and J. Cole can be found below. 

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