A music video for the Yeezus record “Black Skinhead,” which was reportedly briefly posted on the official Website for rapper Kanye West, has now been taken down and according to West, the video was never approved in the first place.

The G.O.O.D. Music emcee confirmed the video was a leak as he posted a handful of status updates to his Twitter account earlier today (July 9). He later revealed that the video was an unfinished version he and photographer Nick Knight created and referred to the leak as “heartbreaking” to those in the creative world.



West also requested that anyone who may have posted the unfinished “Black Skinhead” video online, take it down.



Lastly, the Yeezus rapper offered a few words to the person or persons responsible for the leak.



According to West, the official “Black Skinhead” music video will be released sometime in the next week.

Featured on West’s newly-released, sixth studio album, “Black Skinhead” first debuted during the rapper’s appearance on “Saturday Night Live” in May.

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