After Hot 97’s Program Director Ebro called Battle Rap “boring and for children,” SMACK/URL responded with a video asking him to attend their next event. With Norbes as the spokesperson for the brand regarding this topic, the video was released, explaining how Battle Rap has influenced Hip Hop. In the clip, he also discussed the importance of the culture, from URL’s perspective. 

Once the video response dropped, Ebro replied, saying he actually likes Battle Rap but wanted to rile up fans and leagues.

The original statement can be seen below.

Following this original tweet, SMACK/URL’s Norbes spoke about the comments. In the video for URL which can be seen below, Norbes questions how the culture can be “boring” when so many fans line up outside of their venues. In his clip, Norbes also asks how one can downplay Battle Rap when some of Hip Hop’s biggest stars, from Diddy to Drake, have publicly commended the form of rapping.

“I just want you to understand that when you stated what you stated, you upset a lot of fans,” Norbes said, speaking directly to Ebro. “Due to the fact that I respect the fact that you are a big part of Hip Hop, I want you to understand what we’re doing…I want you to be there to see what these fans love and cherish…If you came through and actually seen it, it might give you a better understanding of what Hip Hop is today.”   

URL’s response video can be seen below.

After the video was released, Ebro said he actually likes Battle Rap.

SMACK/URL’s latest event, NOME 3, took place in New York last month. The first battle from the event, Hollow Da Don versus Tsu Surf, has been in the headlines because Drake and Kevin Durant publicly debated about who won the match-up. The league is currently promoting their next event, the anticipated Summer Madness 3.

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