Cam’ron and his Diplomat partner Jimmy Jones have secured national distribution for their purple cognac-based punch called Sizzurp. It’s in the same category as Hypnotiq and Alize but according to Jim Jones, “it actually tastes better than both of them.” They’re currently setting up a huge launch in Miami for Memorial Day Weekend.

“I was presented with this opportunity about a year ago, and I’m in the liquor business now,” says Jones. “It’s different from everything else I’ve been into.” Jones is also scheduled to drop his debut, “Jim Jones the Ghetto’s Advocate On My Way To Church” on August 24, 2004.

“I don’t take people to Mars. I talk about what I’ve been going through in life. I got a passion for my dudes that’s coming up hopeless, that ain’t got to much to look forward to so they gotta hustle and grind and rob everyday. Cause they also got homes and rent gotta be paid, and they got children and food gotta be brought. I shed a lot of light on that side of the story. I also got music for the ladies. I love my ladies. We came up real hard and I’m trying to exploit that.”



Cam’ron is also releasing the follow-up to his Platinum Come Home With Me titled Purple Haze on July 10. Featured guests include Kanye West, Twista, Lil’ Flip, Jaheim and Diplomats Juelz Santana, Jim Jones and Freekey Zeekey.