Rich Boy’s self-titled debut dropped on Interscope in 2007. It wasn’t until this past April that the Alabama rapper put out his follow-up, this time on E1. In an interview with, Rich Boy spoke on the shift between labels.

“I made my first million at Interscope; I’m trying to make my second million over here with E1,” he said.

The rapper explained that despite the time in between albums, he had been releasing music. “Oh man, I’ve been making music,” he explained. “We got mixtapes that were droppin’ on the ground; I was puttin’ that out for the underground fan bases who were still waiting on a real album to come out.”

Label politics, it seems, got in the way of releasing projects. “I couldn’t put a real album out because I was on a major [label]. I couldn’t be droppin’ if I want to. Make a long story short, we in a good situation now. …We just always tryin’ to put somethin’ out. I’m definitely at the stage where I’m prepared to put the next album out. That’s why you see me moving around.”

Also during the interview, Rich Boy was asked what the biggest misconception about him was. “One of the biggest misconceptions about Rich Boy is that I don’t know shit because I’m from Alabama,” he answered. “I ain’t get here by not knowing shit. I got here by knowing a lil’ somethin’. I aint’ sayin’ I know everything. But that’s the biggest misconception: that he from Alabama and that’s all he know.”

Watch the interview below:

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