Singer GoGo Morrow has designs on adding to a rich Philadelphia musical history that includes the likes of The Roots, Gamble & Huff and Patti LaBelle. The budding soloist saw her stock rise after a two-year run as a backup dancer and vocalist for Lady Gaga. But, as is the case with most unsigned artists, Morrow says she saw her share of setbacks.

“I had a lot of discouraging moments,” GoGo revealed to Fuse during their “Behind The Unsigned,” series. “You go to audition at the audition and you hear no’s a lot…I got a call from this random number, and I didn’t answer, because I thought it was Sallie Mae trying to track me down. Long story short, I called him back, and he wanted me to go on tour with Lady Gaga because he was also Lady Gaga’s musical director.”

Since her fortuitous call screening, Morrow has launched a solo career off the strength of her work with Lady Gaga—who is credited with the fastest-selling US digital album, with Born This Way selling 1.1 million copies in its first week. Subsequently, the work with Gaga has led to opening performances for Kendrick Lamar—who also worked with Gaga on the “Bitch Don’t Kill My Vibe” remix and Rick Ross.

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