A$AP Rocky appears to slap a female fan in the face, as seen in a video from the rapper’s performance in Australia last week. As A$AP Rocky walks through the crowd, fans are trying to get his attention by patting him on the head and reaching for his hands. When a female fan reaches down from her seat, taps A$AP Rocky on the head and blows him a kiss, the rapper appears to turn around the slap the woman in the face. He then appears to point at her as she reacts to being hit. 

The incident captured in the video allegedly occurred during A$AP Rocky’s performance Friday (June 28) at the Hordern Pavilion in Sydney, Australia, according to XXL.

Last month, the Harlem, New York artist ended a concert in Dortmund, Germany after a fan took his “back in the day” Supreme hat during his performance there. “Who took my shit?” A$AP asked the German crowd in a video of the concert. “I came to party with y’all. Give me my hat so I can [continue]. That’s a one-of-a-kind hat,” he added. “We ain’t gonna fuck you up. Just give me my shit back.”

Watching one fan exit, A$AP told security, “Yo, stop that guy over there from leavin’…don’t let nobody leave.” When the hat still did not return, A$AP left the stage.

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