Atlanta producer Zaytoven has always been under the radar but someone who has been very influential in the careers of today’s biggest rappers.

Gucci Mane, Young Jeezy, Future, Rocko and more can directly attribute Zay for their career push as he’s become one of Atlanta Hip Hop’s godfathers.

Recently sitting down MadFreshDaily, Zaytoven talked about who he’s been working with recently and what fans can expect from him soon. 

“Now I’m doing stuff with Drake,” Zaytoven said. “I’m working with Chief Keef a lot, a bunch of guys I’ve always worked with, Future and Rocko and a lot of the big time Atlanta rappers and that’s kind of what I put my forcus on.”

Zay also explained how a lot of his big connections came together.

“Me working with Drake came from me helping blow up Migo and that’s how my career went,” he said. “My whole time making music so I’m sticking to the script.”

Zaytoven recently revealed that he’s working with Chicago rapper Chief Keef on a mixtape. He tweeted that the pair is planning to drop what is believed to be called, Birds Of A Feather on Friday, June 28. The tape has not yet been released.

Watch the full Zaytoven interview below (via MadFreshDaily):

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