After watching them come full circle as a group over two season, Diddy puts an end to Da Band and sends them packing. Drama on the show seemed to go from one member to the other with issues such as smoking, lateness, legal trouble continued to plague the group.

“Initially my goal with Da Band was to make sure the world saw realistically how serious hip-hop was,” P.Diddy told MTV. “So at times it was kind of embarrassing to me the way they were portraying themselves, not taking it as serious as most artists take this art form. The venture with Da Band was successful because it had the TV backing. But at the end of the day, it’s not worth me getting money for something I think misrepresents what my record label Bad Boy and hip-hop is about.”

Although Da Band sold 800,000 copies with their first album “Too Hot for TV”, P. Diddy says the group wasn’t hungry enough to remain a group.

Diddy will continue to work with Ness and Babs who Diddy sees as the next Bonnie and Clyde, Fred quit and Sara and Chopper were let go. There may be a new “Making of the Band” with new artists auditioning but nothing has been finalized.

“The moral of the story is you have to take advantage of your opportunities and you have to give love to your craft,” Diddy said. “It’s like, if they don’t appreciate it, then somebody else will. That’s the nature of the game. Da Band wasn’t as hungry and passionate as most of us artists. I don’t think their careers are over. I just don’t think they have what it takes to be a group”.