Cortez, set to headline KOTD’s “Takeover” event today (June 28), recently spoke about this battle with HipHopDX. The battle has been highly anticipated for years. 

“The history of Diz & Cortez has been such a long ongoing feud,” Cortez told us, soon after the battle was announced. “It’s been endless amounts of blogs and shots taken! It stemmed from rivalries between the West Coast Grind Time & East Coast Grind Time leagues and how competitive each league was. At a point, it became so divided it turned into hostility and it all came to ahead after my battle with Marv Won.”

The Marv battle, featured below, sparked more disses. 

“Dizaster couldn’t get a marquee battle with any top tier names while myself, DNA, Conceited all were progressing after SMACK/ URL came about,” Cortez (picture above courtesy of Tanya O) shared. “From my point of view, he seemed bitter and I took a shot at him, Lush, Okwerdz [and others] in my second round with Marv.”

This continued. Cortez and Dizaster were meant to battle one another at several events but the battle never took place. 

“One month after the Marv Won battle, we both headlined a Grind Time event in New York where I battled The Saurus and he battled Swave Sevah. Shots were thrown by each of us and the hype just kept building and building! Eventually Lush tried to put a card together that summer but it didn’t pan out and even SMACK/ URL tried to pick up the battle for Summer Madness 1! It was too short notice though, as to where Diz already had agreed to a KOTD battle that same day. From blogs with the infamous DNA ‘Meet me in Vegas’ to his battle with DNA taking shots at me, for nearly three years the fans have been wanting us to settle our differences and finally it’s going down!” 

The battle will take place in Sherman Oaks, inside of The Basement 818. Dizaster has battled and freestyled there in the past, dating back to his days before much Battle Rap fame. This is an obvious advantage for Diz but Cortez says that he isn’t afraid of the challenge. 

“Battling Dizaster In Los Angeles shouldn’t really be an issue for me! I’m a professional. I’ve battled outside of New York numerous times in the past two years from Hollohan, Aye Verb, Metta, Yung Ill, Shotgun Suge [and others]. As long as I get through my rounds, I’ll be fine! The KOTD [events] have some of the best crowds. The material me & Diz need to bring to the table in order for this to be classic is going to be appreciated by the fans, so I’m pretty sure well get lots of reactions!” 

The battle is set to take place today (June 28) at 6pm in Sherman Oaks, California’s Basement 818. Pay-per-view streaming will be available tomorrow (June 29). For ticket information, check KOTD for details. The ad for the event features The Saurus, The Deadman, J-Pro, KG The Poet, Daylyt, JC and more. And while the event could have originally featured a battle between Okwerdz and Math Hoffa, that match-up may not take place at all now, according to Ok. More from this event can be seen below. 

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