Odd Future front-man Tyler, The Creator has designed his group’s clothing for years. Sold in a store in Los Angeles’ Fairfax Avenue, Tyler’s also been a fashion figure of Hip Hop for nearly three years. With a plethora of clothing at his disposal, the former XL Records breakout was filmed giving away boxes of clothing to nearby homeless men.

“I’ll give [these clothes] to some homeless, and watch ’em fight over it,” Tyler tells the camera as he packed bags of new t-shirts and other gear. “That’s fucked up; I’m a piece of shit,” he corrected.

“I’m about to be a good person for once,” said Tyler, as he rode to the site where he planned to donate the clothes. “It’s a big-ass box of fresh-ass clothes right here if any of you mothafuckas need it!” Tyler shouted from the street, dropping off a first container. “You gotta share,” Tyler said, before providing additional containers.

As he was leaving, Tyler said, “I love y’all; God bless America. Don’t do drugs, y’all.”

The video, presumably posted by Tyler’s friend, is below:

Previously, Tyler was filmed on what’s popularly known as L.A.’s Skid Row in Pusha T’s 2011 “Trouble On My Mind” video, directed by Jason Goldwatch.

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